Fall Sport Offerings 
7th Boys Soccer
8th Boys Soccer
7th Girls Soccer
8th Girls Soccer
Field Hockey (7th & 8th only) 
Volleyball (7th and 8th only) 
Tennis (6th, 7th, & 8th) 
Cross Country (6th, 7th, & 8th) 

Season Dates: September 11th, 2023- October 30th, 2023            
Winter 1 Sport Offerings 
7th Boys Basketball
8th Boys Basketball
Boys expansion team
7th Girls Basketball
8th Girls Basketball
Girls expansion team

Season Dates: Monday November 8th, 2023- January 31st, 2024

Winter 2 Sport Offerings 
Indoor Track and Field

Start Dates: indoor Track: Monday February 12th

                    Swimming: Monday February 26th
Spring Sport Offerings 
7th Baseball
8th Baseball
7th Softball
8th Softball
7th Girls Lacrosse
8th Girls Lacrosse
7th Boys Lacrosse
8th Boys Lacrosse
Outdoor Track and Field

Season Dates: Monday April 10th, 2023 - June 3th, 2023